I have found something very interesting and you too could be earning in the thousands just for helping others with homework!

Student of Fortune:

Student of fortune is a homework help site where you are paid for answering students questions. The most popular question category on this site is math but there are plenty of other categories including arts and business.

How it works:

If someone needs help with a homework question, they’ll post it up and offer $5-$50+ for someone to answer it.

*Keep in mind that several people are going to answer the question and it is up to the person who needs the question answered to choose the best answer however, he decides which answer to buy based on a small preview of answers available therefore; your answer has to top several others in order to be chosen.

Student of Fortune acts as the broker and handles payment so if your answer is picked, you have just earned yourself some $$!

You could even turn Student of Fotune into a part time job if you are committed to making money online.


What’s confusing is that the word “Answered” written next to most open questions but all it means is someone has answered the question. The answer hasn’t been picked yet so you can still submit your answer.

Keep in Mind:

Many people are generating decent revenue by selling the same answers over and over. It is definitely worth keeping an eye on and if you check out Students of Fortune, let me know what you thought of it!

Thank you for reading and enjoy!

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  • Kinga on Aug 31, 2010

    Wow! Interesting! There are so many money making sites nowadays. I’ll check this one out.

  • Avaxier on Sep 1, 2010

    This is very interesting. I didn’t know that there’s a site that’s focused on this before. It’s similar with justanswer.com but more focused on this homework field. After I checked it out, I’ve found out the registration and answering steps are much easier!

    Thank you for sharing this!

  • Killa_mizz on Sep 1, 2010

    You truly are blessed diverseblogger. No greed nor selfishness clouds you. If the world had more business minded individuals in a sense of unselfish and greedless mind-sets, “rich” in a monetary sense would be no more. I admire your choice to help others, and knowing the amount of effort spent show a great deal of how big your heart is for others. Satisfied reader!!

  • CA Johnson on Sep 2, 2010

    That sounds like a great way to earn extra money and you can help students with their homework too. Thank you so much for sharing this link with us.

  • Ron on Sep 6, 2010


  • Kevin on Sep 14, 2010

    Great article!

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