From the Boss down.

(Detail of ‘the slave market’ by Dali)

Everybody Needs to Take a Pay Cut

I can’t believe the crap that I see every day.

Just this morning I read an article in the news about a referendum in Wisconsin to severely limit public employees unions in the state.  It seems very aggressively targeted towards public unions (not including police, firefighters and the State Patrol) and there are active protests at the state capitol, where someone quipped that ‘it seemed that Cairo moved to Madison, Wisconsin”.

This is one of those situations where you stand back and wonder how the hell everybody can be so damned wrong.

Yes, public employees have always had better perks than the regular employees, so much so that now these public employees feel themselves to be entitled to those perks.  Those perks were ill conceived in the first place, bargained when the economy was sky high and the government banking a surplus. 

Congress is at the top of the list of those that ‘serve the people’ that have benefits way above what average Americans can possible afford. 

We watch as teachers get the best job anywhere and constantly listen to them whine because they have to do what teachers are supposed to do.  They make $50-75k a year with almost four months off and they are always bitching.  Enough already!  If you don’t like teaching, do something else!

Cops are the same.  They ride around arrogantly for weeks without having to do any actual work, and bitch whenever anything happens that they are “under the gun”.  They shoot to kill.  They bully citizens. Their union is very powerful and tries to hold the city hostage every time there is a fiscal crisis.

Trash collectors, street sweepers, dog catchers, parking ticket pseudo-cops, for crying out loud, even the people that vacuum the offices at night in public buildings have better insurance and benefits than the people that work for non-government businesses.

I am not trying to single these groups out, but when the public gets paid half on average of what the public employees get paid there is something wrong.

We, the people think that that is a problem.

On the other hand, government should not illegally target those unions to try to “fix” our economic woes.  I’m sure there is a lot of fat that can be trimmed a little closer to home. 

Let’s tell government that they don’t need all of those secretaries.  Secretaries of secretaries of secretaries. 

Let public employees, from the Governor down, pay for their own insurance and limit themselves to the same kind of vacations and perks that we the people are supposed to live with.

We should remind them that they are Public Servants. 

Union bosses, CEOs of companies and their retinues, and Presidents of corporations are all still collecting the same pay as if we were in good times.  The local car repair shop still charges $40 an hour for labor.  Concerts are priced out in the stratosphere.  Only the well to do can afford to go to a sporting event. And the list goes on.

Get a grip people, these are salad days, we can’t ‘let them eat cake.”

They is us.




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  • Tulan on Feb 26, 2011

    I agree, I read this morning about people complaining about taking 4 holidays off per year with no pay. they should be happy to do it.

  • CHIPMUNK on Feb 26, 2011

    good read

  • yes me on Feb 26, 2011

    Great Rant my man liked it lots cheers Lew

  • sloanie on Feb 26, 2011

    To get rid of all the politically correct none jobs first, would be a good start.

  • Goodselfme on Feb 27, 2011

    Start with the commander and chief with the mega people they take on their exotic trips and I am not talking security people.The Obamas are setting a poor example for people to learn how to tighten the belt. I was just thinking of this yesterday that plumbers make more than nurses. Tell me that makes sense? I seem to like your subjects and fully agree with the contents. Yes, yes, yes, fix the country one item at a time and see the BIG difference .Well explained and I could also read the disgust. I share that opinion too.

  • SharifaMcFarlane on Feb 27, 2011

    To my knowledge most teachers are not getting 50k a year. The pay for teachers is that high only in certain states, and for techers who have seniority-they have worked for a number of years in the profession, etc.

    I always grimace whenever I hear of ordinary workers being asked to take pay cuts. Why is it that governments don’t look at ways to generate money instead of always raising taxes or firing people or cutting their pay?

    When you look at ways to earn-industry, agriculture, etc, you find that you need people to work and so more jobs are created.
    If more people were able to find jobs and had more money to spend on food, shelter, etc, the economy would be thriving.

  • shobhana on Feb 27, 2011

    I agree with you all the way. But what can we do? Some are born to live life while others are living because they are born. I think majority of us here in the blogs like Triond are trying to make some money because we are struggling.

  • Ubel Ein on Feb 27, 2011

    Excellent article, LewSethics… I agree!

  • tiffi on Mar 2, 2011

    I agree with you! Great share!!

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