An explosion gone wrong.

Tuesday in Kilsyth saw a bit of excitement. Our sleepy , some say boring, little town was shaken today. There is work going on at an old quarry, as there has been for some years. The area seems plagued with setbacks and disasters. For many years developers have come and gone trying to build houses, one company even got as far as taking deposits, but that fell through. The latest development seems to be  having  similar problems.Yesterday the were blowing up an area to clear for houses. The explosion was set to explode inwards. Dear oh dear it went wrong it blew outwards, sending great lumps of rock flying through the air. Some went through brick walls of houses, some peices went crashing through a roof straight into someones shower cabinet.Luckily no one was hurt. Health and safety are now investigating. Cant wait to hear the result.

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