Fads that have come and gone in the last five or so years.

• Silly Bandz Remember these? The rubber bands that came in all kinds of shapes and colors? Kids had hundreds of ‘em covering their wrists. Well, now they’re gathering dust in some drawer now. Fun while it lasted though. • Planking Laying flat on the ground, and in the most awkward places you could find? Really?  • Coneing This one killed itself. It might still be around, except that everyone did it. All you do was reach for the ice cream cone in the drive through, and “accidentally” grab the ice cream. Then watch the person’s reaction and try to look disappointed. • Tech deck Little skateboards for your fingers. What can be said. All I remember was stacking textbooks to see who could Ollie the highest. •Fred YouTube sensation with a high pitched voice. Only now he’s got a tv show on nickelodeon. Isn’t that a little too far? •Swine flu Or rather, freaking out about the swine flu. Remember how we were all gonna die?  •The jerk That dance move that EVERYONE could at least sort of do. And if not, they’d always make the “teach me how to jerk” joke.  • Twilight Every was positive their Edward Cullen was coming for them and, honestly, I’m just glad this vampire stage is over. Enough said. • Legit Things aren’t awesome or just cool anymore. They’re legit. “Did you see the new movie yet?” “Yea man it was legit.” granted it’s still used, but people don’t talk about how it’s their favorite word anymore. • Friendship bracelets You had so many of them you didn’t remember which friend gave you which. Why were they even called friendship bracelets? Maybe it was like a “I just spent 10 minutes on this bracelet for you cause I’m your friend” kind of thing. Maybe.

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