"Fearless"- This story’s setting is mostly in crime infested areas of Clarksdale Mississippi; as well as, the public education schools. "Fearless" addresses many issues that, unfortunately, are universal. Issues that include teen age pregnancy, drug abuse, and gang activity. Issues that I convey as being a supernatural entity called “The Blues.”

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What happens when a school teacher decides to face his own fears and personally chooses to make a change in his world?

He must be fearless.

Fearless Chapter two ©2011


Fearless (a testimony)

© 2011 by  Honea Byrne


I plugged in that police scanner thinking I could hear something cool. Amazingly, it worked transmitting crimes for known youth gone wild. In most cities I’ve been in, ..Martin Luther King Jr. BLVD.. has been the part of town that I’m not supposed to be in.

Better lock your car doors around the poor folk-GET your kids out the public school because those “folks” will beat them up. They don’t need to work because they are poor. The government take care of them.

A reported burglary of a house; statistically, thereis a ninety percent chance that you’ll never see your belongings again-Reasons why? The police don’t have time to look in every pawn shop from here to Memphis. in the 1950s there was forced segregation. Fifty years later there is voluntary segregation. If you’re living in an upper class neighborhood your home or car maybe broken into a handful of times-and if your poor-getting burglarized is a way of life.

A typical day in the life of the day job (secret identity):

Teaching “THE KIDS” again about Hitler. I’m walking around for the first few moments cuing the students to stay on task-then I’m adding tiny facts of what I consider will get their attention. “You know when Ice-Cube was popular in 89′ with lyrics like, ’I'll control your mind like Hitler.’ Proceeding, I add in the fact that jewelry has its namesake from Jews-compare it to bling bling-add in the rhetorical “How many are killing each other over gold crosses? Or, are wearing crosses while killing each other?” YEA-I took it far left and he (the history teacher) looks at me strange for a few seconds. Then he adds a few book facts of Hitler taking over countries. My mind clicks back to a decipherable logic. I dig into my bag. Pull out my Poppa’s old WWII identification tags (dog tags) for show and tell. And by what I believe truly to be God’s Grace we reached their young minds.

I take notice of Morgan wearing a shirt that had what I guessed to be his favorite rapper’s face on it. Underneath the face were the words “Rest in Peace July 3, 2008.” No, he’s not a rapper. With utmost earnestly, almost nonchalantly, he tells me that the face is of his father. Morgan’s father was shot in the face point blank range.

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