"Fearless"- This story’s setting is mostly in crime infested areas of Clarksdale Mississippi; as well as, the public education schools. "Fearless" addresses many issues that, unfortunately, are universal. Issues that include teen age pregnancy, drug abuse, and gang activity. Issues that I convey as being a supernatural entity called “The Blues.”

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What happens when a school teacher decides to face his own fears and personally chooses to make a change in his world?

He must be fearless.


The origin:

You figure that a chance at a normal life was something not meant for you.

The normal life: mid thirty year old with kids in school, family vacations, a loving wife to have and to hold, $50,000 plus a year, and what ever other benefits are involved when your rich and descent.

There’s a past haunting you. A childhood that would have led you to any hope of normalcy. If you would only have been brave enough. Now is your time to make it right.

“Son, catch the ball!” he ordered and I don’t know why I just stood there. I was supposed to catch the ball. But instead it hit me in the face. I cried. There went my father’s dreams of me being an athlete.

1985: Kelly was a cute grade school girl I was utterly infatuated with. But I wasn’t good enough to be her man. She left me for someone more handsome. After that, I told myself that I would make her want me one day. My father had bought me a bench with a 150 pounds in concrete weights. When she dumped me I started working out. And in a way I been working out to make her want me ever since.

“Plain to see you can’t change me cause I’m going be a n%gg# for life.” Repeated that line over and over with tear filled eyes. Yea, some of us thought it was so cool to be bad asses until we got our asses beat when we met one, or/and ended up behind bars. Others thought it a rite of passage. We thought it was cool to be crazy until we were locked in asylums. Others thought it was a rite of passage.

At a high class suburban public school his peers would recite rap rhymes and it was so attractive to them to hear all the profanity, and the story telling of an exciting life. My father was furious at me for listening to rap. The music was raising me and many of my peers because so many parents had to work to provide a good quality of life.

There is a beast out there. This beast is brainwashed slavery: 1st of the month government checks, teenage pregnancy, sexual transmitted disease, this is youth branded as money. This is what “some” wanted prior to integration, a reason to call “folks” heathens. It’s a hate that hate made. This beast is everything I mentioned and more. Around these parts they call this beast “The Blues.”

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