"Fearless"- This story’s setting is mostly in crime infested areas of Clarksdale Mississippi; as well as, the public education schools. "Fearless" addresses many issues that, unfortunately, are universal. Issues that include teen age pregnancy, drug abuse, and gang activity. Issues that I convey as being a supernatural entity called “The Blues.”

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What happens when a school teacher decides to face his own fears and personally chooses to make a change in his world?

He must be fearless.

and you’ve seen how “this beast” is allowed to have its own set of tests for those starry eyed. First thing it does is take your money and your belongings. Then it will have folks correspond with you in degrading ways you didn’t think were plausible. Yea, you’ve seen countless come and go full of hopes and dreams and leave broken. But, you have survived thus far and this is your only way to not just survive life-be successful.


It’s embodied right now in that first time you learned that life ain’t scripted. As a teenage black belt you could out kick and punch men when there were set rules. When you got out on those streets “unscripted” you got your ass kicked. After that you gave in. You quit on life.


This is how you do it. Go to a thrift store. Find you some black spandex like material (shirt and pants). You have to go to a place out of town so you don’t leave a paper trail. Get a tacky suit to put over the spandex. Get you an outer shirt that’s wide around the wrist. Sew on the insides of the wrists little compartments that you can hide spray bottles, containing flammable liquid, for each hand. The spray bottles have to be palm size. Build some sort of igniting flame device attachment. Perhaps a cigarette lighter attachment to the bottle. It is utmost important that your able to extend your palm open in a punching style motion to ignite the flame; to impress the illusion that fire mysteriously comes from your hands.

You have to change everything about yourself that is recognizable; especially, the way walk, talk.

In secrecy for the past two months you’ve been training. You had to be quicker: wind sprints and jumping objects. Practiced your fighting moves. Studied your walks. Practiced on your mystique (flaming hands, and smoke bomb diversions.

You don’t remember how old you were when you discovered that hammers could break glass, wood and just about anything. Most of the time it didn’t require much force.-On that thought you design a glove. Sawed off hammer heads 2 cm comfortable outside your first two knuckles. Have a rod to load your quenched fist. You remember your karate instructor using the example of Mike Tyson when he explained on how to land a blow (stances, hips, torque). You compulsively practice the striking stances (feet positions). Incorporate these stances into your persona’s.

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