"Fearless"- This story’s setting is mostly in crime infested areas of Clarksdale Mississippi; as well as, the public education schools. "Fearless" addresses many issues that, unfortunately, are universal. Issues that include teen age pregnancy, drug abuse, and gang activity. Issues that I convey as being a supernatural entity called “The Blues.”

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What happens when a school teacher decides to face his own fears and personally chooses to make a change in his world?

He must be fearless.

-as for the dealer: (the ones here) are youth. Your attire is black and blue, or red and black. You got the gold or silver mouth piece, pants are sagging, gaudy jewelry (mostly crucifixes). You revel in what you can get by force. You’re indifferent to causing pain and suffering. You’ve seen so many deaths, so many pains it’s all just a way of life. You keep a tight crew (gang) around you. And you never ever fight fair. You are nothing but a pawned puppet to an unknown master. You’ll probably never leave your neighborhood in life or death. All of this and more has become an integral part of pop culture.

Gotta remind myself to not hate the dealers (probably high school drop outs). I do this by remembering the Notorious B.I.G. song “Juicy” lyric “This is to all the teachers that said I wouldn’t amount to nothing.” Especially don’t remember it around numbers of the schoolhouse population of about a 1,000. A thousand kids that don’t share the same values of character that I have. That the educator should have. How many of us educators came in with the mindset that we were going to change the world? Only to become hateful over time. Told myself I wouldn’t be like the teacher who talks trash about the students.

Loh’RD Thank You For Teaching Me The Difference Today‚Ķ


9:07 pm: you got that majestic as the few of many blown street lights are shining one light ray unison to the moon, like God is extending his hand and fingers showing you the most direct path to take. You’ve rehearsed the how to of this one, covering all points, especially the escape route. You zoom your camera on your target: four of them playing dominoes are ten feet away from the dealer’s crack corner.

9:07:45 pm: I throw the smoke bombs.

9:08: 12 pm: Detonation reddish neon green smoke around two feet from the dealer.

9:10 pm: All five of them are scrutinizing the dissipating smoke clouds. I stand behind waiting patiently for them to…

You feel the thin leather strap on your chin (designed to keep my black hat shading my face. Also allows fighting sight) your suit is a very tacky color. Got on those old army combat boots. “Huh?” and the five of em just stare at you.

Those seconds: there’s a doubt rising. THERE’S NO TIME FOR THAT! These guys could have guns. I can’t do it! You feel yourself regressing back to the kid who tried so hard (studied his ass off) but still failed-became the class clown-NOW NOBODY TAKES ME SERIOUSLY-I fought so hard but couldn’t win-NOW THEY’RE ALL LAUGHING AT ME!

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