New fiat 500.

New Fiat 500 without a doubt one of the national treasures of Italy. When you see it on the road so it’s just a typical and unique product of the Italian Fiat. A lot of people, I am one of them when he sees it and just smile to them like this car. It plays a role in the nostalgia. Many remember the original Fiátka with which went a little Zemplínska the vastness or the Baltic, and to which he had to fit everything for a week vacation and it was almost surreal to be in the car, folded them two adults and maybe one or two children. Come back and grunted MIL motůrek adventure holiday has been taken care of.
Fiat 500 original
Tiny Fiátek is simply in after all these years

That’s gone and a new five hundred got bigger view AIS technique is considerably more. It has 500cc engine as the name might suggest, but it starts on petrol 1.2 liter capacity. It is also on offer turbo petrol and 1.3 TD April 1
I had the opportunity to try the Olomouc dealer engine version 1.2 and I can say that for normal city and jogging on a trip this weekend just fine. Personally, I chose 1.3 JTD, I have a weakness for diesels, and I know that with this engine can reasonably be run under 4.3 liter diesel.
The chassis is good for me the set, but it is true that I have not rented the car somewhere on the rampage districts.
I think the overall advantage  cars is that most technology from Fiat Panda. It is nd works well.

When you start surprised me beyond expectation spacious interior. I waited far ztísněnější high hide, but it did not take place and space in the car really good. I am 95 kg and measured 185 cm. In the back of it less as expected, but again this is not some kind of extreme for two passengers and about 170 cm is everything okay. It should be emphasized that the car is approved for four passengers, three behind the throng, or not. We can say that the La and back without any problems. Trunk volume is 185 liters by folding chairs and 610 liters.
The interior is cool by me. It’s a nice memory of the original retro Fiátka. And part of the dashboard, painted in body color is not an error. Boys design department knew exactly what to do.
Fiat 500 interior
One of the many opportunities in interior design. There should be regular hand washing

The new Fiat 500 can be ordered in countless combinations of equipment and design. Officially Fiat says more than 500 000 combinations of equipment components and accessories. I tried it myself, but I believe them. Just check out the official website Fiat 500
Fiat 500 variants of germ
Here are the possibilities of germs. Each chooses according to his style

Fiat 500 was launched in the car of the year. No wonder. There are few cars that give so many styles at reasonable money. This car has the advantage that it can allow a young family and manager. If you have a style and insight you need to massage the ego of a big car. Five hundred is just better.
Fiat 500
 as the wild jízdě.kart :-) ) I want five hundred, too!

Finally? I am delighted that Fiat Auto might find himself, and after an era of failed car will give customers more of what they want. Small, beautiful, efficient and modern technology acquired car. People like Fiat, Fiat but you simply have to try and listen. The crisis and the Fiat 500 sells well in all markets. Keep it up.

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