Description of five simply terrifying torture devices.

We’ve all seen those horror films that are filled with knives of all sizes, screams, and a pool of blood. If the Saw movies weren’t enough to scare you, imagine some of these torture devices.

1. The Saw

The movies may not have been very scary, but this torture device is a pain in the ass. Literally, a pain in the ass. The Saw was widely used in the Middle Ages because of its simple structure which allowed it to be easily built cheaply. This device was used on victims accused of witchery, adultery, murder, blasphemy, and even theft.

 The Saw

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The victim was tied upside down because it assured sufficient blood diverted to the brain, slowed down the loss of blood for maximum pain, and it humiliated the victim. The torture would continue until the victim confessed the crime he committed. On some occasions, the victim would be cut completely in half for symbolic purposes.

2. Inquisitional Chair

Imagine being stabbed by hundreds of spikes on all sides of your body while you were completely naked. That would hurt. The Inquisitional Chair was a chair covered with spikes on every surface of the chair. The spikes were made from rusty iron and they could be slowly pushed into the flesh of the victim. The victims were strapped to the chair with leather straps and if they struggled, the spikes were adjusted deeper. Sometimes, the iron spikes were heated to bring maximum pain.

Inquisitional Chair

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Victim on the Inquisitional Chair

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3. Rat Torture

Rats love cheese. Right? That’s not the only think they want to get at. Rat torture was used in Medieval Ages because of it’s simple design and cheap cost. This form of torture was used against heretics, thieves, and sex abusers. The design of this torture is quite simple, but very deadly. A person is tied to a board with stiff leather straps and stripped naked. A rat is placed on his or her stomach and covered with a box. A candle is then placed on the box so it is heated. The rat inside grows frantic and tries to escape. It eventually claws its way into the victim’s stomach.

Victim Suffering from Rat Torture

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A Very Deadly Tool

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4. Spanish Donkey

The Spaniards were quite familiar with torturing their victims. There are numerous torture devices with the term “Spanish” within their name. The Spanish Donkey could be one of the most horrifying. This form torture was first developed by the church to force “heretics” to confess their sins. Victims were stripped naked and forced to sit on a vertical board with a wedge. Their feet would then be tied to numerous weights so their body slowly gets cut in half by the wedge.

One Ride You Wouldn’t Want to Have

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5. Breast Ripper

This form of torture was only applicably towards women for a specific reason, IT RIPPED THEIR BREASTS OFF! The church would use this form of torture on female heretics, adulterers, and blasphemers. The tool is quite simple, it was designed to pull the breasts off of women.

Breast Ripper

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Breast Ripper #2

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After taking a look at some of these torture devices, I feel quite fortunate to have been born in the United States. Nowadays, torture is banned and every person deserves a fair trial. Some countries still allow torture. As human beings, we must make sure tools such as these are never used again.

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  • Ronald Russel on Oct 30, 2010

    Yes, it is quite scary what human beings can do to other fellow humans. Sometimes, us civilized creatures are more evil than the beasts in the wild.

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