A view on the modern love life.

Love on line phenomena spreads faster than anyone could think of it. As we termed it love on line, it doesn’t necessarily mean true love. At times, it’s just flirting on line of those persons feeling bored and/or alone. Yet most of the time, it’s the physical attraction due to both enticing photos and through web cam appearances.

Messengers rapidly grow in number and features. It’s not anymore surprising that they took advantage of the incident. But we shouldn’t generalize all users and messengers because the latter are really useful to us. As we may find this topic interesting, I find it sad and hair rising at times. According to experts, mail order brides wherein a lady commits herself to someone of other culture usually without intimate contact but only on line love communication is a result of crisis. Women seek fortune through the Internet to get rid of poverty. As they can be luckily enough to marry a loving hubby, most of them end up being harassed, maltreated and exploited. What is safe is a relationship with someone you personally know although there’s still no assurance after all. As for on line flirting, this is harmless if you set limitations for the two of you and make it clear that nothing serious is happening or else you end up stalked on line or even in real life by an obsessed man. You choose, flirt or love on line? I choose friendship on line.

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  • Will Dee on Oct 27, 2009

    Nice write. Something to think about. I prefer to play it safe. I am sure there may be unstable folks not limited to gender. Thanks for sharing.

  • Jenny Heart on Oct 27, 2009

    Food for thought!

  • LoveDoctor on Oct 27, 2009

    Definitely a great write. Many guys think that just because you are nice to them online you already like them. I rather have friends online too. If they are lonely, then they can go find a blow up doll.

  • Christine Ramsay on Oct 27, 2009

    A very good piece which makes us more aware the possible problems with online relationships. Well done.


  • ken bultman on Oct 27, 2009

    A school teacher down here began a six-year prison term yesterday by “flirting” on-line to an underaged girl with a webcam . Should’ve kept his britches up.

  • Lee Ness on Oct 27, 2009

    Yes, people have to watch with online dating.
    Good write up
    Lee Ness

  • Ashley89 on Oct 27, 2009

    Nice job!

  • Lady Sunshine on Oct 27, 2009

    I stick with friendship.

  • inuni on Oct 27, 2009

    Good job

  • cebuanaeyez on Oct 27, 2009

    I tried flirting online many years ago and it was most uncomfortable…I stick with friendship!

  • Cebah on Oct 27, 2009

    Interesting take on a modern phenomena

  • Shirley Shuler on Oct 27, 2009

    Friendship is the way to go!

  • nani varron on Oct 27, 2009

    flirt or love….whatever it is….i don’t have it now

  • Brenda Nelson on Oct 27, 2009

    I met my husband on line – we were in a chat room for over a year before he even mentioned he was interested in me.. we did not flirt with each other until that point – I was quite happy being single…anyhow it did work out well…but for sure caution is a good idea.

  • wonder on Oct 28, 2009

    Good advice, one should go into the details.

  • giftarist on Oct 28, 2009

    Great work – very interesting!

  • deep blue on Oct 28, 2009

    Friendship feels reassuring. Perhaps not until you’re both inside confined space and each of you could ask each other; “What are friends for? “

  • lillyrose on Oct 28, 2009

    A really brilliant article Jane, you made some very important comments, choose wisely xxx

  • Snooky on Oct 28, 2009

    Yahoo Im with you. Online romances are like trying to use the toilet in a J JON –stinky and unproductive.

  • CA Johnson on Oct 28, 2009

    This was a very interesting topic. I choose friendship too.

  • Paul Roberts on Oct 28, 2009

    Nothing is really real until you touch it. Good or bad, on line or letter, in your face or behind your back. It is not real until you touch it. Take it from a bouncer, soldier, father…not until you touch it. Friend, fan, smile

  • T.Rex McGoogle on Nov 1, 2009

    The bottom line to that I think is “Nothing ventured; nothing gained.” You can usually back off. Interesting write.

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