Leaving three young daughters alone, so to speak, after being ousted from the Supremes and then divorced could have left Florence with a worry on the last moments of her life……….

Cover of Dreamgirls (Full Screen Edition)

For all the tragic results of Florence Ballard’s ousting from the group, the Supremes, it seems that her daughters have it the worst.  Life just isn’t supposed to go down like this.  These are three women, all born before 1975, the year of Flo’s tragic passing.

There is a video on an interview with the three daughters.   None of them stated their professions as Secretaries, Educators, Models, Accountants, Desk Clerks, Sales Clerks , etc.  In fact, they didn’t state any profession and it didn’t necessarily seem that they had any viable ones.  I hope that I am wrong.   They are all in Detroit living in a little house extremely close to  Hitsville USA, known now as Motown, on Welfare.  Pardon me, forgive me, but understand that it’s sort of ghoulish.  Their living room walls have fading pictures of their mother.  They are pleasantly mesmerized as they are shown clips of their mother on the Merv Griffith Show, looking stunning and announcing herself with Hi, I’m Florence Ballard and I’m still looking for my Baby Love.  Her voice is the husky-nice like the guys like.  She seems to have personality to spare.  It was a sisterly type moment between the Supremes, with Mary smiling and Diana Ross’s head tossed back a little in a giggle when she announces the pun statement of still looking for her baby love.  It was genuine, it was real, it was naturally touching.  I know because average, normal girls have friends and often share in smiles towards each others charisma and quick-witted charm.  

Of course many of us thought our mothers were fabulous regardless but it just seems that for Florence’s children to be products of the early 70s and having had a mother as a part of a famous and sought-after group, that they would be more up beat, more positive and not ones to let the world take over their mother’s biography and memory as they have done.  I’m speaking of Dream Girls and the folks so ready to continue to milk this story dry.  Of course Florence left her children when they were so young that it breaks our heart.  The story is simply tragic but is made worse because it’s so easy for others to capitalize on Ms. Ballard’s ousting from the group which many believe led to her demise.  I personally believe it did but who am I imply who really and truly was at fault?

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  • Goodselfme on Feb 21, 2011

    Movie producers are all about the money, I agree. I hope the future for Florence’s girls has a better ending or should I say a beginning for them. Well presented story and made me wish and pray all turns out better soon. Tragic circumstances for the ones who don’t deserve the results. I did not think Florence was fat.

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