This is a remake.

Im so nervous but i got this

hopin u hold no grudges

but after everything i done ben thru

[ima say fuck my bad decisions tht ive made

and i kno by now itll never be the same

but in my writing this

i hope tht tht will change](x2)

Now tell me where i went wrong

we used to be so close

used to be good friends

so wen did it all end

through all of the lyin

there will never be “us”

but at least there was still trust

[i say fuck tht nigga tht said he liked u then

cuz of tht i'll never make amends] (x2)

i threw a party yea i threw a party

liq in my system and i didnt listen

but i wont regret any of my decisions

not tht im proud

our relation was ended to me

it seemed like it was a really bad dream

ur shoulder was missin for me to lean

for once i was missin my team

i needed you then and you were not there

all i can say is

[oh well i guess i jus messed up

i just wanted to show how much i loved](x2)

i dont know wat love is

im only 19

but tht doesnt change the way tht i feel

ur mind not ur body caught my appeal

dnt take this wrong im jus bein for real

i came to u and told u my ordeal

im sorry tht it took me so long

i hope tht u feel the same the day tht im gone

but if its meant to be i leave it to God

[but even though i will not be right there

i felt i had to make this one thing clear

i know better than to promise u the world

but wen i get back in town will u be my girl](x2)

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