A group of friends stumble upon a adbanded amusement park.







FREAK HOuse AmUsEmEnts

The year 1988

A group of friends at Freak house amusements on there senior trip. They include Heather, (18) Mary, (18) Shelly, (18) Trav, (18) Mike (18) and Brian (18)


I can not believe that school is already over we our fucking seniors


I know, it has gone by so fast


Alright let’s shut up about school and have some fun


(To everyone)

Let’s ride the roller coaster from hell


How do they know that the roller coaster is from hell?


(To Trav)

Shut up man let’s have some fun.

As they approached the roller coaster Heather got a cold chill. It was 100 degrees that day. They all stood in line to get on the ride. When it was there turn to get they all picked there cart. The guy running the ride turned it on. Then over the load speaker they heard code black. Then all of a sudden there was a loud BOOM. When they came to everyone around the friends were dead even there friend Brian…


(To everyone)

Hey what happened here today lets not tell know one not even our kids.

They all agreed

20 years later

The year 2008

Trav and Mary are married and they have a girl that is graduating her name is Britney (18). Mike and Shelly are also married they had twins a boy named Brian (18) after there friend and a girl Sam (18) they are also graduating. Since what happened on Mike, Mary, Trav, and Shelly’s senior trip they moved. Heather stayed in there home town of Huntsville Michigan.



It has an old rustic setting but it is comfortable the three Brian, Sam and Britney are setting at a booth.


(To everyone)

We Are Fucking seniors


I know I can not fucking believe it


NO more fucking home work or test and no more teachers


(To Sam and Britney)

So what are we going to do for our big summer blow out?


(To Brian and Sam)

Have either one of you heard the legion of the amusement park that used to be in the town where our parents grew up?


(To Britney)

My mom told me something about it like a big exploitation and everyone died except like 5 people.


(To Sam and Britney)

Some say that the grounds it happened on are extremely haunted and sprits will come back for revenge ha – ha – ha

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