I’ve had a fascination with the number 13 since I learned to count! It does have an interesting

history especially if it happens to fall on a Friday of any given month or year.

The first reference to this Friday was in a biography about Giachino Rossini who died on Fridaythe 13TH, 1869! .” Rossini was surrounded to the end by his Italian friends, many who like himregarded Fridays as an unlucky day and the day he died was a Friday THE 13TH in November.” And that is how the superstition was started! In comparison 12 represents completeness with the hours on a clock and months of a year, 12 Godsof Olympus, 12 tribes of Israel, 12 Apostles of Jesus, 12 successors of Muhammad in Shia Islamand 12 signs in the Zodiac while 13 was irregular, ruining this completeness and referring to the Last Supper or a Norse myth that if 13 people are seated at a table one will die! Fridays have been considered unlucky since the “Canterbury Tales” in the 14th century and not a day to start a trip or begin a new project! One author attributes the 13TH’s rise in popularity to the novel “Friday The 13th” in 1907, where a devious stockbroker taking advantage of the lore creates an all out Panic on Wall Street on a Friday The 13TH. Of course many take advantage of Friday 13th’s popularity as The Bike Rally in Port Dover, Canada,on November,1981, Black Sabbath’s debut album was released on February 13th. While 5 of the 12 Friday The 13th films opened on a Friday the 13th and a long running theatrical show was showcased on February 13, 2004. Adventure Quest’s MMORPG features Voltaire and other musical guests every Friday the 13th. The Cabin In The Woods horror/comedy film was released on Friday April 13, 2012! Many died on Friday the 13th as history recalls some notable names. Diamond Jim Brady , April 13, 1970, Martita Hunt on June 13, 1969 with Lily Pons on February 13, 1976 then Mickey Spillane on May 13, 1977. Also Hubert Humphrey on January 13,1978 going to Benny Goodman on June 13, 1986 moving on to Tupak Shakur on September 13, 1996 and Tony Roper on October 13, 2000 then Julia Child on August 13, 2004 and Edwin Newman on August 13, 2010! There are also notable births,deaths marriages, divorces, graduations from kindergarten through a doctorate, religious confirmations and promotions and firings. It seems like everything is OK with the number 13 and the Fridays it falls on till you notice elevators and hotels and office buildings haveno 13th floor and the unpredictable finds its home on a Friday the 13th! Your thoughts about the subject could go either way but I am positive there is something to the myth and superstition of Friday The 13TH!

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