Prohibition expose private parts to non-mahram (other than husband and who is authorized) is not discriminatory to women, but it is for the good of the unknown by the people will benefit but for those who put their trust..

Allah says,

And tell the believing women that they cast down (from illegal sexual acts) and protect their honor and they should not their ornaments except what appears thereof, and let them close the neck of his shirt to cover split their heads and do they show their ornaments except to their husbands or their fathers or their fathers, their children, or their step-children or their brothers or sons of their brothers or male relatives of a child for their women, or Muslim women or their slaves or servants of those men who are older and do not intend to women or children who are yet to understand more about the female genitalia and let them not strike their feet so as to reveal what was hidden from their jewelry and turn to God, O believers, that ye may prosper. (An-Nur: 31)

This verse gives a clear limitation of the salt of a mahram for a woman.

Ikhtilat (mixed) is gather a man and a woman who is not mahram, or gather some woman with several men at a place that allows to meet each view, sign or speak.

Ikhtilat law is illegal.

The female genitalia can be seen is in the verse from Surah An-Nur 31. Male or male-in-law biras not included in the flower can be seen genitalia.

While the law is mahram because of marriage. They married just as long as the marriage was illegal woven for him other than that is the same ruling as the opposite sex. So, even if illegally married while still a law, but still remain as private parts private parts with non-mahram.

No doubt, this has become a culture of most women do not take care of her body before the law. Although live together for reasons can not be avoided, genitalia are still dependent.

Good clear and beneficial.
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