I want all 16 year olds to get the vote. read on to find out why…

Hi. I am writing this article because I want 16 year old in Brittan to be allowed to vote in Local/General elections. 

 Lots of people say that if we give the vote to these younger people then they may vote for parties such as the BNP or Ukip but I believe that the truth is they will be just as responsible as the older voters. I know that allot of 16 year old really care about what happens to the country and would use their vote better than most current voters. In addition to this it would be better for the country’s politics because it would increase our voting population and probably result in us having a better future. I feel that the only people who do not want 16 year old to get the vote are those who are afraid of change, after all, in a democracy like ours, not giving people the vote because they are scared of who they will vote for.

Thank you for taking your time to read this article and please post a comment saying what you think.

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