Ken says good bye to his master Kidoshi for the first and last time, when a drunken driver veers off the road and Ends them both.

It all began on beautiful a Friday afternoon, when Ken and his master had just finished training for the day. Ken was on the right side of the dojo putting all his extra gear away, when out of the the blue comes A white Ford F150 crashing threw the front window of the dojo. Ken’s master Kidoshi try to move like the ninja he was and evade the truck, but master Kidoshi was just no match for the speed of the Ford F150 pick-up Truck. The Ford F150 pick-up Truck Smashed Kidoshi into the wall like a foot to a roach. Immediately Ken rushed over and kill the truck drive, then tried to save his master, but he could not save him, so next Ken look at his master Kidoshi in his dying eyes, takes one last deep breath, fall to his knees, withdraws his short-sword from the side of his Gi and with all the love, anger, and rage for his master Kidoshi, Ken stabs his self right threw the heart killing his self, Ken and his master dies at the exact same time. Kens last word was “forgive me master Kidoshi”


Liked it
  • Bleh on Sep 13, 2010

    Worst f***cking piece of cancer to hit the internet.

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