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Habit’s of Destruction (part 2): The Recluse Spider

Written By: Everett D. Wair Jr.

This story starts off with our hero Mr. Vonn Danger going to work like any other ordinary man as he goes to his nightly gig where he play’s strings.

But this is not any ordinary violin player that plays a song of doom, he brings evil intentions to your doorstep as he rings the doorbell, as he enters your house unannounced when he brings?

The pain to an awaiting death but as you breath in your final to last breath of fresh air, you try to inhale deeply but clearly these are your final days?

You tend to by mistake walk into a webbed trap that he or she has finally constructed to be lay-ed.

But forget all of the suspense and all the surprise this is a man, a man whom plot all the evil that men do?

Insects of all different races and kinds fall to shame as they die when they’re caught in his violins strings of death as he keeps on playing his melody of doom song for them to sway to, he riffs those strings as if he was playing lead for a rock band as for the more you try to move to get away or out of this web the more it traps you in like super glue!

So now that you are caught in these strings of death he approaches you with the up most passion of hunger with only more godspeed.

He jumps onto you and puncture’s a hole deeply inside the inner most part of your neck, because when he crawled onto you like a ninja in the dark you could not see him for he left no footsteps for you to see as he now laughs at you now, because now your body begins to paralyze and openly bleed.

It is a shame because you only saw the bleak daylight’s outlining the shadow silhouette of a black violin shape with fangs coming at you like it was a vampire?

You get so weak and then you start to feel that you cannot move anymore your arms and your legs because the venom has paralyzed you and made it’s traveling way to your heart and now you are very tired.

Well remember those fangs like a vampire you saw rushing at you well they sink in and now your body fleshy features begin to turn flaccid like lupus and your numb?

Then you try to think back again like where in this world did I go wrong, what was the turning point of my utter demise of doom that I took the turn for the worst man!, I feel so dumb?

An the fangs only dig more deeper into you penetrating your flesh!

You try to remember and wondering out what it was that was biting you on the neck earlier so you stop to think I guess?

Guess #1: Oh! It is just a big mosquito with some really potent and irritating stuff?

Nope!, wrong answer com-padre!, you only get one chance to guess well the right answer is one of the most deadliest spider’s in the whole world but you’d never get enough?

Get enough of the pain and misery of the torture, well in the next lifetime read the freaking warning signs?

If you see a spider with an outlined of its eyes makes a violin in shape and about the size of a quarter, be careful not to mistake the power of its bite, or the power of it’s punch in it’s venom or could it be the many hidden places it likes to hide out until he hunts, now if you do not see these danger sign’s then buddy you must be really blind!

How could an arachnid take your little life away?

You would be the soul interceptor of his venom, the venom of a would be soul snatcher, it is if your life is on the goal line and by chance it is raining as is it’s fourth and long well to cut to the chase it’s the last freaking play!

It only feels like a mosquito bite but with a lot of power to the punch understand this and please believe me you have not been bitten by a would be stranger?

No sucker!!, It is what I like to call or nicknamed La Marie’s husband the evil brown recluse spider himself the alter ego of Vonn Danger…

Habits of Destruction (part 2)

Liked it
  • Uma Shankari on Oct 3, 2010

    Vivid imagination. Liked it very much. Minor mistakes could be avoided: play’s (no ‘) or lay-ed(?)

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