Glasses and treatment.

Abnormalities shape of the lens, resulting in nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hipermetropi), and astigmatism (cylindrical shape of the lens aberration), were forced to make anyone wearing glasses as visual aids.

other alternative is to use contact lenses to be more practical with no complicated. However, not infrequently, people who choose glasses than contact lenses. Model glasses are now diverse. want a rimmed glasses frame full, half full, or at all without its lens frame section.

Color eye glasses frames are now more attractive. besides common colors such as brown and black, the colors are more bold like red, blue, green, white, or yellow too easy encountered. Just choose and fit it to the shape of your face.

Case, the glass eye scratched, broken, or cracked because dropped, pinched, or sitting too often encountered. Actually, such an occurrence can be minimized as long as we are cautious in treating and storing glasses.

Therefore, keep the glasses in a special box keca eyes. Otherwise do not put glasses in your pocket or purse without protection. If you’re not charged, put glass eyes in the open position with the lens facing up. To keep its shape unchanged, hold both handles while wearing glasses or goggles release.

Always clean the glasses after the activity, especially if the activity we spend a lot of sweat and beyond preference. when washing glasses use specially glass cleaner or a mild soap, then rinse with clean water and soap make sure the eye glass cleaning liquid does not contain alcohol. Dry with a soft cloth or in lap special glasses.

In addition to considering sunglasses and maintenance, do not forget remedy obtaining maintain eye conditions. In the middle of busy work or watch television in a long time, occasionally gaze into the distance to rest my eyes. So that the eyes are not tormented adjust the lighting in the room when it is going to watch television or on the computer.

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