Canadian governments priorities are out of whack.

I like sports as much as the next person and played hockey most of my early years, i also like a good basketball game on a saturday night. Sports is great and is great for our children, sports has a place in society and so does the well being of all canadians. The person lying in the ally should have shelter , the man in the unemployment line should have a job, the patient in the hospital should have a bed and not be left in the corridor, the student in school should have ever advantage to learn, and when we elect our government officials this is what we hope for. Canada is now in a recession, jobs are being lost, there are more families going to food banks then ever before, people are loosing there houses, money is scarce, But for some reason or other there seems to be lots of funds available for the 2010 olympic winter games, millions and millions of dollars will be spent to host these games, millions just for security, i ask myself do i really care who can ski down a hill the fastest, or receive the fastest time bobsledding, or who can spin more times on skates, the answer to these questions is no.  What i do care about is that people have jobs so they can put food on the table for their families, that we have proper medical care, and the homeless have a bed to sleep in on those cold winter nights, and the elderly are looked after properly. The canadian governments priorities and there waste of tax payers money makes my blood boil, but like my ninety one year old stepfather tells me (that’s politics)

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