Brief Definition About Hypnosis – Brief description detail about hypnosis and basic knowledge about hypnosis.

Brief definition about Hypnosis

The state of hypnosis is essentially a state of mind when the conscious mind or belief system is temporarily suspended. It is a state of trance. It is also called an altered state of consciousness.

The root “Hypnosis” means “sleep”. So hypnosis is similar to normal sleep but different from normal sleep. The normal sleep comes automatically when you go to bed at night. But “hypnosis” has to be cultivated or learned.

Let us say that someone is not feeling sleepy at night. The sleep is not coming by itself. So, to fall asleep, something has to be done. Now if this person thinks “I sleeping …” I am falling asleep, I am sleeping, I am sleeping …”, then his body starts falling asleep. As a result, the body relaxes. As a result, the breathing slows down. As a result, the mind also begins to become quiet. The mind stops thinking. So, if we create a situation or environment of “sleep”, then body starts behaving as if in sleep. This has nothing to do with body. The body is simply obedient. The body simply follows orders.

Hypnosis means that you order your body and it accepts your order.

Hypnosis can work in curing diseases. It just means that when the disease is false the cure also has to be false. The body accepts our suggestions.

In the hypnotized state of mind, you can give suggestions or commands to the person. The suggestions that are non-injurious or not against the person’s belief system are generally accepted by the person under hypnosis.

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