Escaping the monochromatic color town.

Yikes! Driving in the snow to buy pizza to satisfy my craving deserves back bumps and side scrapes. As if a sheet of white cloth covers the town, drivers are blind to traffic signs and road hazards. I decide to cut corners and zigzag through the maze of streets. I feel confident that I know the place well enough to reach the highway without a problem. Surprise! The more I try to cut corners and shorten the distance, the more the maze of this monochromatic color town traps me. Winter comes with heavier snow than usual; thirty inches in December and January made everyone shudder and groan. I often dream of an escape route to some faraway place with warm rays and waves lapping against the sandy beach, but reality winds its way back and shakes off this escapist fantasy. Three boxes of pizza sound good to me now if I can find my way out to the high way. I drive in a circle for fifteen minutes to end up at a yellow light when someone rams hard into the back of my car. Uncontrollable hazards induced by nature, I just hope my Toyota bumper can live up to its name. I move on through the dense traffic to get to my heavenly refuge: the delicious thick crust, pineapple, mushroom, green pepper, and chicken pizzas.

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  • Ryanxxx on Mar 9, 2012

    I like it

  • Hettie on Mar 17, 2012

    Great article, I don’t think I would go out in the snow for anything. :)

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