I walked in a grocery store, to buy a coke and some peanut for tonight’s football game. when out of no were. The guy standing right behind me starts yelling some thing I,ve never heard before….?

Have you ever seen or heard a particular noise that, you couldn’t make out, what it says.

Well this is what happened to me today.  I was in this store about to walk up

to the register to pay for my coke and nuts. When all of a sudden, the guy behind me starts

Freaking out about something like. “I’ve already paid or I like pain or I’m insane”.

Well, anyway, he was talking so fast nobody in the store could make out, what the hell this

guy was saying. But, the odd thing was that the guy kept saying it like eight times.    

After we all looked at each other and realized that no one new, what the poor guy was saying 

the guy at the register just gave up and let the guy have the few thing in his hands for free.


DIVISION Signing out :FRANKY  

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