Some more thoughts and feelings I have.

How can I be 31 and still don’t know what a woman wants?

It makes me sick how I’m stuck in the friend zone but maybe it’s good to be friends.

Sometimes I feel so mentally disabled.

I guess I should beat other guys to the punch.

That’s hard to do when I’m always thinking about lunch lol.

I need to just conversate with females more.

I need to talk to them in a sexual way but I got to watch what I say because I don’t want sexual harassment.

Do females really judge me by the scars on my face or my missing teeth?

Or is it just my own worry?

I’ve been around some harsh bitches.

I’m not calling all women bitches but if you are stuck up and rude than you are a bitch.

If the shoe fits wear it.

I think about alot of stuff that I shouldn’t even be thinking about.

I worry about nothing at all.

Why do I worry so much?

I should be like Nick and not give a fuck.

I don’t have that type of heart.

I’m not saying Nick is a jerk.

August needs to fly by and September.

I wish everything I could remember.

There ain’t nothing like a memory.

If you want to hold on to your memory but don’t let it get in the way of your future.

You can live without drugs but no one seems to understand that.

They think they make them feel better.

In reality it’s worst.

Remember there’s always going to be someone praying for you and hoping for your best.

The world does care about you.

You shouldn’t be a begger though.

I just hope I am living by God’s will.

Nothing I do is too bad at least not in my eyes.

I’m not a crackhead talking to a tree like I seen yesterday while I was driving down the road.

I don’t know why people always want to start a fight.

They want to get people motivated but in the wrong way.

If you don’t like to fight they think you are gay.

I’m not gay and I don’t like to fight and I’m still a man.

We just need to focus on our plan.

You shouldn’t be like me take everyday as it will be your last.

Be thankful for what you got and tell them haters to kiss your ass.

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