Dating doesn’t need rules, it depends on your destiny.

When you mingle with the opposite sex or trying to find a date, especially if you think time is running out, your clock is ticking you got to start having a family and still no one special in your life.  Avoid feeling lonely and depressed it will work out eventually.

Make sure the person you are dating is single, open up to someone, and pay attention to your partner’s conversation.  Leave your past in the past don’t talk about your past this is one of the mistakes most couples do.  Talk honestly, be sure of what you say or do, difficult decisions are made in a relationship, you either have to move to your partner’s town  or get into business together these are issues you have  to think about carefully, and you must be happy in what you decide.

Your dream date should be an incredible experience, be confident, fall in love with each other, show the best in you, don’t be nervous or shy, be hopeful.  Share and continue to share secrets, don’t keep it all inside of you, don’t lie about yourself, let each other know of the most important part of your lives.

If you find your match, be appreciative, you have accomplished something on your own, express yourself, be dedicated, make a change with bravery.  Have a great experience, reconnect with each others lives, be positive and stand up for yourself, commit to one another, and make the right move.  

Your attractive appearance represents your journey which is a huge part of your life.  Partying have fun and good times is not all about your date and you bringing out the best in each other is most important, don’t run away from your commitments, settle for situations you don’t want. Don’t let rejection put you off dating, you learn from your mistakes, look for  the best qualities, stay tuned to yourself.

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