This is a short special in my series "how it was made", this will focus on an incredibly trendy topic "Banksy".
This will explain who Banksy is and his graffiti.
This may not be 100% true (because some sources are bullshit), this is to help his messages go noticed throughout the world. I support him and the messages within his graffiti.

Who is he?

Banksy was born between 1970 and 1975 in Bristol. Banksy’s first name, to this day, is still a mystery. He uses art to send messages about  anti-war, anti-capitalist and anti-establishment, though he tends to use humour in some of them. He started off as a free hand graffiti artist then moved onto stencil, his inspiration for stenciling is pretty strange, he was hiding from the cops inside a dumpster and found a serial plate, from that day forward he has been making stencils and using it to spread his message throughout London and Bristol.

How good is he?

I think that sometimes pictures speak louder than words, he doesn’t do this just for “fun” or for the “sake of doing it” (like most junkie graffiti artists), he does it to send a message to the world.

He can even do props! Not only does he use paint cans, he used portable toilets to make Stonehenge!

This man is the God of all graffiti,  the King of street art. He always has a message behind every picture, sometimes you see it on the first glance and sometimes you have to think for a moment and appreciate what he has created.

Final words

If you want to see more of his amazing art go to his website. to follow the Facebook cause go to Banksy FB Revolution. Now come on people, spread the word of Banksy and help keep his messages uncovered throughout the world! Next time you come across a “good” piece of graffiti, it is more than likely he didn’t do it, but if you come across a piece of graffiti that is absolutely amazing, it was done by him.

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