“You exude AWESOMENESS! You’re a freakin’ ROCKSTAR OF LIFE! You’ve got this, you’re in control, and you can make it happen. Who loves you, Baby?!”

Cheap, red lip gloss is my new best friend.  Seriously.  There is nothing that boosts my confidence more than a beautiful, luscious pair of red lips.  Totally amazing. If you’ve never tried it, put this on your bucket list:  for one week (yes, EVERYDAY) put on some red lip gloss and see how “rockstar” you feel.  Add a killer pair of sunglasses and you’ll be kicking ass and take names in no time (in top supermom style, no less).

Speaking of bucket lists…

Here at the Supermom Liberation Project, my goal is to help everyday moms rediscover their true identities.  As part of that I want you, my Supermom Lovelies, to get down and dirty with yourselves and put together a bucket list. It’s time to take all of those hopes, dreams, desires, goals, “one day”s, and “someday”s that you’ve been holding onto,  and put them all down on paper.  This is the first step to rediscovering what makes you tick.  What would make you feel complete? What would boost your confidence?  What would make you feel more like a woman?  Write a list of as many bucket items as you can – say, at least 25.  If you can think of 50, that’s even better.  And don’t hold back – anything and everything goes!!

Want some inspiration?

Here are the first 25 item on my bucket list:

- become fluent in at least 2 other languages

- go back to Tahiti

- trade in my soccer mom minivan for a black, Nissan Pathfinder

- build my dream house

- spend a summer traveling around Europe

- extend my left arm tattoo to make a half sleeve

- hike parts of the Appalachian Trail

- go on a family vacation to Disney World (can you believe I’m in my mid-30′s and have never been?!?! WTF??)

- catch up on laundry (never-ending battle, ugh)

- do a 7 day juice fast

- have 100,000 followers/fans

- get my nose pierced

- have dinner with Lenny Kravitz (what can I say, he just oozes cool)

- meet Ash Ambirge (I’m a huge fan)

- have lunch with Oprah

- go to Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within Seminar (and yes, walk on fire)

- learn to belly dance

- view great white sharks in the water from a shark cage

- have a house in Florida overlooking the water

- get back to skiing every winter

- have a small part in a feature film

- hang out with the guys in Chevelle and/or Breaking Benjamin (and maybe even sing backup for a song or two??)

- become a black belt in one of the martial arts

- discuss mindfulness and presence with Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh

- visit the Shaolin Temple

**Bonus #26 – be able to do the “Scorpion Pose” in Yoga

Ok, My Supermom Lovelies – Here’s your second assignment: WRITE YOUR DAMN BUCKET LIST!

No cheating!  Again (as mentioned above) make the list at least 25 items long, aiming for 50.

AND PLEASE, SHARE YOUR IDEAS WITH ME!  I would love to hear what you all are dreaming about! 

Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as you think.  If your time is limited, devote an easy 15 minutes to your list everyday until it is complete.  And, if you need a little inspiration, do like yours truly does: put on some gorgeous red lip gloss and slide on a pair of killer, over-sized Jackie-O shades.  You can even look in the mirror and engage in some positive self-talk.

Supermom Mantra: “You exude AWESOMENESS!  You’re a freakin’ ROCKSTAR OF LIFE!  You’ve got this, you’re in control, and you can make it happen.  Who loves you, Baby?!”

EMPOWERMENT!  (Try it, you’ll love it!)

Until next time, Ladies – LIVE YOUR AWESOMENESS!

(Oh, and speaking of Lenny Kravitz – if anyone finds some gold, metallic eyeliner like he wore in The Hunger Games, PLEASE TELL ME WHERE!  I have GOT to get some!)

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