This article details the steps needed to remove and replace the flush valve in a Sloan urinal.

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Few things are more annoying than a toilet fixture that malfunctions when you flush it. For men, even the urinal can pose this problem. The handle is pushed down and water starts to run and keeps on running and running. The problem is that a new flush valve is needed. Replacing the flush valve on a Sloan urinal is not difficult and produces immediate results.

Locating the flush valve is relatively simple.

Turn off the water to the Sloan urinal. The flush valve is inside the canister that sits above the porcelain part of the urinal. This fixture will have a big nut on top. Use a large wrench or an adjustable wrench to unscrew the nut. the nut will actually loosen a larger cap. The wrench is normally only required to break the cap loose. Once the cap is loose, it can be turned and removed by hand.

The flush valve will be under the cap sitting inside the canister.

It has a flat top with a stem that extends down into the tube leading into the urinal. Lift the flush valve up and out of the appliance. It should just lift out without any resistance. The flush valve is mushroom shaped with a large round flat head and narrow stem. Once the Sloan urinal is working again, this old flush valve should be discarded.

Compare the old flush valve to the new one to make sure they are alike.

Inspect the interior of the canister to make certain that excessive mineral deposits have not formed on the walls. The mineral deposit most often occurs if you have a high mineral content in the water supply. If a deposit has formed, you may need to use a product to dissolve this before replacing the flush valve. In some cases, it may be necessary to sand or gently scrape some of the build up away.

Drop the new flush valve into place.

Make sure it falls all of the way into the canister and rests on the seat. Replace the cap and tighten it securely. Turn on the water and check for leaks. If there is a leak, it is normally resolved by a slight additional tightening of the cap. These caps fit very well and do not often leak when the replacement is complete. To make a nice finish to the job, wipe all fingerprints from the chrome canister with a soft cloth.


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