Write a Good Research Paper Within a Day.

Composing a research paper  in a day is, of course, not ideal. The required steps like deciding a topic, researching, writing and editing take some time to accomplish. But there are cases that make you face such a situation. You may simply forget your assignment; you may have some more important things to be done first. No matter what pretext you use, you are required to pass the steps. In order to write a good research paper within a day, you will need to know the tactics mentioned below.

Select a Topic You Know Well

Before you take a seat to write your paper, you need to choose a topic. Since you have a short amount of time merely, it is better for you to discuss a topic you know very well. Collect all necessary information you have on the subject. For instance, if you have to pick a topic on literature and you are familiar with contemporary poets, you may like to choose Margaret Atwood. Another instance: if you currently read a book about the World War and you have to write about history, pick the world War as your topic. If you choose, for instance, the Renaissance, you need more hours.

Write As Well As You Can

Make the best use of the information you collect. With the information, you should do your best to write as long as possible. If you find that you need to clarify a certain thing and you do not have the supporting evidences yet, mark it or make a note on a piece of paper. Stop talking about it, you can continue it later. In the meantime, talk about the other things you have to discuss.

Find Additional Information

What you need to do next is to find some more sources that provide necessary information. Insert new information into the parts you have marked. As you collect additional information, you need to write the sources. This will help you prevent yourself from being accused of plagiarism. Make certain that the information is able to strengthen your statements.

Read, Reread and Edit

Read your paper from the beginning to the end. If you find that it is necessary for you to make edits, just change what you have to change. Check if there are some misspellings and grammatical errors. Watch your wording. Change some inappropriate words, if necessary. Before you reread your work, it is recommended that you take a break for a while. This will help you avoid missing some issues when editing.


If you have time, you will like to get some of your friends to proofread your paper. This way, you can ensure that your writing is perfect. However, you can leave this step if time does not allow you to.

Writing a good research paper within a day is possible. There must always be at least a solution to a problem. If you can pick a topic, write, find information and edit quickly, a short amount of time for a paper will not be a big problem for you.

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