Just some info of the Hudson River School.

The Hudson River School was founded by Thomas Cole in 1825. It was a group of landscape painters that stayed open for about 55 years.  It got its name because the paintings were all around the Hudson River area. Landscape painting was a very rare art at the time. Most people painted portraits instead. This is what makes the Hudson River School unique.

            The Hudson River School displays nationalism just by the way the people painted. The only other people who did landscape paintings were from Europe. They had many old buildings and other monuments, so that’s what they painted. But, America had something that Europe didn’t. We had wilderness. America was just about the only settled place in the world that still had wilderness. We were very proud of this, because nobody else had it. We could build buildings, but it’s impossible to build wilderness. This school made Americans proud of their country because the wilderness is a beautiful thing.

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