Human emotional Impulse vs. Human Rationality.

Just wondering on how the brain/mind reacts when posed with an emotional pressure. I sense that it decides on what to do first and blinds every other plausible option out of its courses of action matrix. Perhaps a priority rules that follows its laws. I guess that is why decisions made based on emotional perception are generally irrational. The mere fact that after one has simmered down or shall I say, cooled down and reanalyzed the situation with the scenario, one comes up with amazing things that they should have said or done in the first place. Has a thinker, ever tried to implement this theory. I guess throughout the human evolution, the survivors are the ones that have been prey to impulse rather than the hesitant rationales that think and then act! Perhaps, for the sake of argument take two characters, one Intelligent Human and the other the Impulsive Human both in primitive age.

Intelligent Human: There seems to be a movement in that bush!

Impulsive Human: Yup, quick! Run for shelter!

Intelligent Human (still standing there looking at the bush): Let us take this one step at a time! Now how big can a thing be to cause so much… Oh Lord, a lion! 

Game over, Intelligent one gets eaten!

Impulsive Human (Peeping from the tree above): Should have run when I told u to!

So as you can see, the impulsive ones survived and hence following their emotional impulse. However, does the same apply to any scenario and situation of life? Now picture a rescue squad, distributing supplies of food and aid to the victims. Again whilst the intelligent waits for his turn, or believes there is plenty for all, the emotionally impulsive individual would have already taken the most he is able to without hesitation. 
So now, my audience readers would be convinced if not half heartedly convinced that the impulsively emotional Individuals win the battle of “only the strong survive”. They are the takers of all, are they not?
Here’s a scenario I’d throw in as well, since the previous mentioned examples are hypothesis and just mere assumption. Remember the time an attractive candidate for the heart walked passed you? Remember the heart skipping beats, the modesty and denial of mere attraction? Well the intelligent one stays hesitant, and takes not a step as the pro’s and con’s of the consequences are being measured. The emotionally impulsive individual would follow in as prey and try manipulating to win over the mate. Well again seemingly the Emotionally Impulsive individual seems to win all over again. 
It’s mere DECEPTION! The principle works on attaining all for the present and falling bait to the system made by these intelligent beings. Confused? Here’s a one liner to provoke you to think and re-question what we just believed to be true.

Scenario 1: It was the intelligent being that brought the Predator into the lime light. So as long as the other candidate is within the same paradigm and region, he develops a phobia of bushes, and areas that aren’t bare. The candidate no longer has curiosity as fear overpowers behavior.

Scenario 2: The Emotionally Impulsive individual does the hunting, and later on from what he brought but couldn’t eat, was this intelligent being’s to scavenge on. The result… Little work with manipulation of the mind, to deceive and work with the situation to ones advantage.

Scenario 3: The female/male mate was one by the emotionally impulsive individual. Yet the hesitant, pays the cost of not winning in time, however as impulsive is not rational. It’s only a matter of time, when another mate is looked over by this Emotional Individual and the mate is lost. The intelligent one has an emotionally vulnerable individual, waiting at their disposal to comfort and win over. The situation again win’s the intelligent one over. 
Thus, deception to give in this world as material value is just a mere bait to achieve the real objective. The question still lies, depending on the perception of one’s own objective. What means do they play, to achieve these goals? Emotional Impulse or Intelligence Rationality. There isn’t an entity in this human species, that lacks emotions, thus we all have emotional outbursts, or impulsion as a more specific term.
So where are we all going with this, I hear you ask? 
Well it’s a mere perception of my mind of what reality, illusion and perception play to please our mind in achieving something the heart desires. We make decisions based on these principles, yet we deny our own rationale. The same reason we make mistakes that we swore not to make again previously. The same reason why children learn fire is dangerous by burning a finger, yet adults strongly advise them to keep away. The same reason each generation of human race, makes the same mistakes generation per generation. It is why I would work a 12 hours shift to support my beloveds, and why a thug would steal to afford his. The same reason, but difference of perception that leads to difference of opinion and beliefs.

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