An expository writing that answers the burning quest: Is talking to yourself Normal?

Indeed, self-talking has long been considered a questionable taboo in our society. For more than a thousand years, we have talked to ourselves in times of loneness and despair, yet many were labeled as possessed or mentally “Cookoo”. Why is it that these interpersonal talks has been socially downgraded to people who are regarded as crazy? Is it even normal to talk to ourselves? And most importantly, are we in any danger because of this? Fortunately, for many, the answer is no.


Well, first of all, we all do it. Yes, anyone who has a mind can do it. Isn’t it startling that 99% of the population talks to themselves, yet some just think it’s weird to do so. Admit it, even you talk to yourself once in a while. Remember that time, just before that party, when you were feeling a little nervous so you tell yourself, “It’s going to be fine. It’ll turn out okay.” or that time you were so angry with one of your memories that you started to blurt out every action you could have taken. Relax, it normal. You’re just trying to reassure yourself. There’s nothing wrong with that! Everyone does that. To a degree you are being your own therapist!

 Well, not really. There are hundreds of reasons why people talk to themselves. From kids being stumped on a test, to regretful teenagers lashing out their angry thoughts in an isolated room, to the most reasonably unimaginable. Many are just trying to solve stressful problems. And we don’t need to be told that we’re insane! Think of it as a door to self-awareness, a sign that we are seeking insights in to our actions. And when we are veering too far of course, talking to ourselves could keep us in the right direction and moving.

 But then how did we find ourselves in this kind of situation, where the majority is on the side of anti-talking to yourself? Well, remember those old movies? In old movies, if you wanted to show that someone was really crazy, you’d show them talking to themselves. Even if they were only doing it mentally, it was supposed to be a sure sign of mental illness. Well, doesn’t that lead to somewhere?  Doesn’t that point to Hollywood and the rest of the media? Did they created an image where interpersonal talks are only associated with crazy people?


Therefore, spare us those Psych 01 labels. People who talk to themselves are no more sane than everyone else. Theres no need for an imaginary playmate, no overactive pituitary, no alter ego moving in and out. Nope. We are just ordinary people who are aware of ourselves, and not ashamed to talk problems out to ourselves. We are like you, and even you talk to yourselves once in a while. 

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