Have the schools really gotten this bad?

I was exploring the stuff for sale on Amazon and couldn’t believe these two items were paired together. Seeing is believing, because if I didn’t see it I wouldn’t have believed it.


I know that companies try to upsell, get you to buy something else along with the product you’ve already agreed to purchase. This is one way for them to increase their bottom line. In the past when making purchases on line I’ve ended up buying both products. It was cheaper because I got a discount if I bought both products or I got free shipping.

I can understand if you’re going to purchase a set of BBQ tools and they pair that up with a BBQ apron and offer you 10% off or free shipping if you buy both.

Given some of the serious problems we’ve had lately in our school system it would make more sense to pair the crayons with mace or a whistle.

I just thought pairing these two items together was hilarious and had to share it.

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