Just some more thoughts I have.

I don’t know why people around here don’t want to see President Obama get reelected.

I think he’s doing a damn good job and he’s got my vote.

Republicans lie more than Democrats do.

None of us are perfect.

He’s the president of the USA not Jesus Christ.

I hate how Republicans act like they are so perfect.

Have we forgot about George W Bush he was far from perfect.

I know it isn’t christian to judge a stranger or anybody for that matter.

I feel like Obama is being battered.

Give the man a break geez!

This Obamacare will be a good thing not a bad thing.

People get taxed for all kinds of shit we don’t need so what’s another tax gonna hurt.

We are already in trillions of dollars in debt.

We probably won’t ever get out of this debt even if precious little Mitt Romney gets elected.

People will probably be fired because he loves to fire people.

So that means the unemployment rate will go up some more.

I don’t know why the American people have to be so ignorant.

I can be ignorant at times but not that bad.

It really doesn’t matter who becomes president because I still have to work and deal with it.

We just need to make the right choice if there is such a thing.

I don’t think we’ll ever see gas prices under 2 bucks or 3 for that matter.

Who needs gas anyway I’d like to just give up my car and start walking to work or catch the city bus.

Or I could ride a bike.

We need to move forward like Japan and C

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  • Bill M. Tracer on Jul 20, 2012

    I’m totally with you. I’ll be voting for Obama again. Unfortunately I live in a red state. Frankly, I don’t like the electoral college. I think our voting system should be straight according to the will of the people, with every vote counting. The electoral college makes me feel like my vote doesn’t really count since the majority of those who live in my state vote the other way.

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