I Know no one is going to read this but I dont care, I just need to rant a little …

i always been awkward when it came down to writing autobiographies and personal statements for school. i never liked talking about my personal problems or my past. i just dont open up to anyone , so its even more awkward when i have to open up to people i barely even know. They dont get me, nobody really does really. Not my best friends , my family , no one. So when i have to write these dumb ass papers about past experiences , personal strength and weaknesses, etc. I just get the biggest writers block because i dont know what to say , there’s so much too say and not enough paper or time to get it all out. Even if i did tell my life story , they probably wouldnt care, so why do i have to waste my time writing these papers ? -__- 

Im going to ask my English teacher this after spring breaks over . 

Sorry for the Rant , i just dont know whats wrong with me today. ive just been really depressed and irritable. And i need someone to talk too but its 2:33am and everyone fell asleep on me :/ 

if any of you ever need someone to talk to . im totally here for you. i know what its like to need someone there and have no one by your side at the darkest of times. It fucking sucks :/

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