These are the the things you might want to use if you spank yourself.

Spanking yourself is a rather difficult thing to do if you want to have some pain in your spanking. This means that the implements that you use should be more painful than what other people would use on you. When you spank yourself you will probably want to be in one of two positions. You should either be bent over or laying flat on your stomach.

Here is a list of implements that you may consider with self spanking.

1. A belt. You will need to be a careful with this but if you have proper aim you will have a very painful self spanking experience.

2. A paddle. If you have some fanatasies about school spankings you can act out at least some of it.

3. Cane. This is a rather interesting. The cane would be used if you are interested in having something that hurts and has a very small risk of misfiring though it does have a higher chance of breaking when you use it.

4. Hairbrush. Every one owns a hairbrush and they are very easy to use. They also offer several ways that you can use them. You can hit yourself with the handle, the bristles or the back side of the bristles.

5.  Wooden spoon.

6. Spatula.

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  • I Am No One on Jun 15, 2010

    friggin what?

  • tinad on Aug 28, 2012

    i need a spanking so bad i am 15 and i need a seriously harsh spanking how can i wedgie spank myself

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