A short essay on how English has become the Global Language today.

Even before the evolution of different languages that we have today, there was a Global Language in which human beings were communicating. You may call it the sign language, the animal language or whatever. Language is a form of communication between individuals be it related to war or peace, conquer or surrender, love or hate, command or request, buy or sell and a hundred different matters.

Have you ever seen the quizzical expression on a toddlers face upon your command when he is yet to learn the language that you speak? Same would be the expression on your face or that of the opposite person when both of you communicate in different languages. It is a mild form of cacophony and unpleasant to both the ears and mind. You may be able to understand each other through sign language or nodding, but a lot of time would be consumed and some subtle details can get lost in this process.

The basic need of every living being is survival. Humans have left their natural habitats long ago and have more desires than the basic ones like food and shelter. Tribals do not try to learn languages as they are quite content in their own dwellings. The desires of the others can be achieved only through money and power.  And this can be happen at a faster rate by not restricting ones growth to the place where one is born. People have learnt to move on and speak the language of the place where they earn their living.

Of course English might have evolved as the Global Language owing to the political influences of yesterday. But this theory would be applicable only in countries like India where there are many states and each has a different language. It is not the case with countries where majority of the population speaks one language and there are minor regional variations to the same. English has evolved as a Global Language not only by the political influence of the British Empire but also due to the individual motivations.

English has about a billion words and more get added with each passing day and English words get added to different languages as new ones are not coined to substitute these. Has this got something to do with the popularity of English? One advantage I feel is, when I want to express something I have many words to choose from unlike my mother tongue where I find myself groping for words. Some critics might argue saying that this is a disadvantage rather than an advantage. Another thing is that there are not stringent rules of pronunciations. Even this attribute is hated by many critics. The same applies to the ever changing rules of grammar, slang and multiple spellings. The emergence of English as a Global Language may lead to language attrition and reduce the multi lingual capability of human beings. Despite what the critics say English has been embraced globally as it serves the need of the masses. May be English just got lucky here. Had the French started to build empires across the world, then French would have become the official language in most of the countries? And if France was a super power then the other nations would also join the rat race by learning French.

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