I get inspired by the natural world. In it I discover vigor and fortitude.

Nature is such an inspiration. I find in it both solace and strength.

Trees, flowers, islands, seas, skies, clouds and all other elements are such powerful stimulants.
They overwhelm the senses. They are dreams, passions, fantasies and wishes rolled into one.
They provide visual and spiritual overload, knowing that one Creator made them all.

Wonder at the soft murmurs of waves splashing on the shore, the soft soothing silence of a wondrous sunrise, the miraculous sight of the last rays of light as the sun ebbs in the horizon, the soft pastel clouds of a gloomy day, dewdrops on delicate leaves in early morn, the soft spongy feel of grass, birds chirping musical melodies as they fly by, the eerie might of primeval forests, majestic mountains and fairy hills.

The sight, sound and feel of nature, untouched and pure, sanctified by the Hands that created them, is evidence of a wonderful world that we must care for, preserve, protect and respect.

Ours is a life dependent on the natural world around us. We are nothing without it.

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