Help me understand them.

About 7 months ago, I was at home doing house chores and my knee popped. Call it old age, wear and tear…whatever. I have also been paying health insurance since I started working in 1969, not to the same insurance company, but I or the companies I have worked for, have paid them for the last 42 years. I have used those companies to pay for my surgeries as it should be.

I had orthoscopic surgery in March 2011, paid for by the insurance company which in turn has been paid by me and the company. To my surprise I received two letters from different companies stating the insurance company needed to know if this was due to an accident and therefore, if there was anyone else responsible for this accident, then they are responsible for the bill and could I help them by answering some questions.

It was my belief that insurance companies are collecting from millions of people hoping that none of them will ever get sick or need surgery. They are taking a bet on this and collecting billions which I imagine are in secure banks collecting interest. So why are they now trying to collect from someone else to cover the costs of what they are taking a risk in, and earning pretty good money on the way. And also, if you sue anyone, they want you to pay back what they dished out. When they do collect, do they give you back what they charged you to begin with, and keep the difference? I could go on, but I’m baffled and tired…  and, yes, in pain.

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