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They are saying that It’s the democrats fault that jobs aren’t being created; Because there being taxed out funny the taxes are lower today then in 30 year.The Jim Crow laws were repealed OK Why would you want to reenact them again Could it be possible what they smell the dead body in the closet maybe? We know that your not a real party but we also know who finances you the 1% Aka the kock brothers and isn’t it funny that the GOP is financed by the same group of people isn’t that odd to you? We’ve given them tax break after tax beak with out seeing any new jobs and they are still exporting jobs out now. Funny we say that you have to work duh really yes we are did extended Unemployment for good reason; It’s not a entitlement mentality sir it a case of Survival it’s very hard to work when your starving to death with or with out a family right; Or don’t you under stand that? Don’t want to be deponent on government what we want is to stand on our own; If you smucks would create jobs there wouldn’t be a take over movement they would be working taking care of them selves and families too You dumb smucks. We have 5 applicants for every job opening we still have roads that need fixed.

The jobs created by the pipe line were exaggerated to the point where even the government it looking into it. of course you wouldn’t understand that either; There’s a lady running as a Democrat in mass against Scot Brown. She is a supporter of the 99% of us we need people like her in the senate and we need more of them in the house we’ve had enough of there childish rhetoric we need action. Maybe they don’t think this little game will back fire on them your rating in the polls say that isn’t so: Look at the election in Ohio as a clue and Wisconsin you running out time Use it wisely.

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