Have you noticed the sunlight lasting had changed? Well, that is a good observation.

This is the weekend to spring ahead the daylight saving time.

The official announced change was at 2 a.m. local time on Sunday.

The Standard time returns on November 6

But, What is the Daylight Saving Time or DST?

It is the period of the year when colocks are moved one our ahead. This is made in many countries looking for energy saving.

In the United States, has the effect of creating more sunlight hours in the evening during months – until November -

We move clocks back one hour when we return to Standard Time (ST)

Not everyone in the U.S. makes the switch from standard time.

The exceptions are:

- Hawaii

- most of Arizona

- Puerto Rico

- the Virgin Islands

- American Samoa

- Guam

- the Northern Marianas.

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