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We know our beloved Dara is fated with the one and only G-dragon…
Is it just me? Or are they hiding something…
There’s also some TeddyRin, Bombae, and TaeMinji in this story…. This is the first fanfic I’ve written so… Here it goes!

“Dara! Aigoo, wake up!! We have to rehearse I don’t care in one hour!!”

“Aigoo!! CL-Roo!! Got back to bed!! It’s only…… 5:00 A.M!? Ohhhhh shi—- i mean Aigoo!! Oh well. I’ll try to wake up early tomorrow. Aigoo, look at poor Tam-Tamie now! You woke Tam-Tam up!!”

“Aigoo Dara!! Get out of you bed this instant!! Why don’t you just do as you’re told!? Ha….. I swear, sometimes you act like you’re the mankae in our group and not Gong Minji!”

“Ke ke ke!! You can’t make me get out of my bed!! Never!! Ke ke ke!” 

Dara saw that CL was starting to lose her patience, “Don’t make me go get Bommie and make her kidnap Tam-tamie!”

She shot up from her bed and glared at her, “you wouldn’t……” was she bluffing? She probably was, so she went back to bed and snuggle up with her pillow which had Ji’s tank top on it.

“Aigoo!! Bommmmmmmmiee!!!!!” yelled CL.

“What?? What is it now ChaeRin?” questioned Bommie.

“Take Tam-Tam over there from Dara!! Okay?”

“Uhmmm, okay?? Why?”

“I said no questions!!”

“Fine, fine, fine!” Bom approached Dara and found her still sleeping. She smiled when she saw Dara hugging Ji’s tank top pillow thing with one leg on top of it. Bom heard ChaeRin yell at her again, and she grabbed  Tam-Tamie. Dara shot up from her bed once again and hit her head on the bottom of the bunk bed on top of her.

“Noooo! my Tam-Tamie! Aigoo! Tam-Tam has been kidnapped!” -Dara trying making sobbing noises-

Bom went up to the camera and said, “Ah, Tam-tam, I think you’re having to much time on 2ne1 TV, so no more camera appearance for awhile okay?” Then, she took Tam-Tam’s ears and feet and stretched it. When Dara finally had the chance, she grabbed Tam-Tamie and brought Tam-Tam to the bathroom with her. She took a shower and soon after that, she ate breakfast, and they left.

At Rehearsals……..

The music turned on and the 2ne1 girls started practicing for their music video.

Hey Play Boy

It’s about time, and your times up.

I had to do this one for my girls you know?

Sometimes you gotta act like you don’t care.

That’s the only way you boys learn…..

Oh….. Oh… Oh.. Oh… Oh… Ohhhh…

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  • smilecha on May 30, 2010

    nice start.. i love reading fanfic about the two (GD and Dara). Actually I’m writing also some stories about them.. Keep updating.. hwaiting!!!

  • DaraGonForever on May 31, 2010

    Thank you!:) Good luck on your story too!

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