Juveniles are out of control in our society.

If you are still a virgin at 21 then you must be proud of it.  You should treasure yourself, have enough dignity,  pride and self-worth, to make informed decisons your are comfortable with, not to keep the tention of a totally selfish person.  There is more to life than just sex, with one night stands taking responsibility of your actions,  is not often that way.

To be respected and accepted in society it is you that has to  make this possible.  Don’t  get involved with people that just get feel they can get what they want, unfortunatley, our society is riddled with youngsters that don’t take responsibility for their actions.

Vandalism is one of the biggest,  writing on clean painted walls,  damaging dustbins, littering, breaking of school property, and,  defacing any property around you.  The problem arises when children are abandoned, or neglected.

Living in a society with low standards,  people have a low self-esteem in situations like this.

Groups are formed and  plans are made to abuse other people. Stealing becomes another strike for those who can’t afford to buy a specific item.  This, actually turns out to be a daily routine.

Innocent people get attacked, because these gangs become violent and streets are not safe any more, in the day time or at night.  In most cases gangs have leaders that control the daily tasks.  This happens when juveniles are out of control and have no adult supervision.  To prevent this from happening there should be other interests  to get these gangs off the streets.  Something to look forward to as a career,    social workers should allow for  legal adoption so a family is formed and habits are changed.

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  • genicuta on Mar 9, 2011

    nice article…..

  • ittech on Jan 12, 2012

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