There is nothing more discouraging than to spend hours in the yard, working to make your plants healthy and hearty, and then waking up to find that bugs are destroying your work. Pesticides may not be an option for people who do not want to be eating produce covered with toxins, or put their pets at risk for poisoning. Here is an option.

For bedbugs, this is a great method of erradication. Cover all mattress areas well, cover with plastic, wash linens in bleach, and “poof” the entire floor in any room that has this or other insect problems. Close the door until the dust settles to avoid breathing it in. This is good for mites and ants. “Poof” furniture, rugs, bare floors, entryways into the home outside, and anywhere you suspect bugs may live. If fleas are a problem, they won’t be for long. Fleas will disappear. 

Make sure that no area is spared that has bugs. 

Leave in place for as long as possible, and if vacuuming, clean the vaccum filter often, as the powder will tend to clog them. The author can vacuum one room before having to clean the filter. For some areas, it is not necessary to vacuum or sweep for a long time, especially if that area is not inside the home. 

Once a powdered area has been vacuumed or swept, you can either reapply the powders immediately, or wait a couple of weeks or so before reapplying. It is up to you. For fleas, once the cycle is broken, there may not be another problem for awhile. However, why tempt fate? Why have to start over? The powders are not expensive, and only take minutes to apply. 

Make your own scented powders by using corn starch and a few drops of perfume, cinnamon sticks, cedar wood or other scents as desired. Add them to a jar with the powder and cap for a couple of days, shaking it occasionally. Place powders into an empty powder container with a funnel and a spoon, or purchase a powder applicator online. Shaking powder onto an area wastes the product and makes a mess, unless you are following an ant line or covering an ant hill. Find a way that is suitable for your needs. Powder applicators can be found online or at your garden store.

Powders can be dyed with a few drops of food coloring in a jar, add the powder and shake. Add more if necessary. This may be less conspicuous on carpet and patio areas as needed.

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