The world goes so fast and no one thinks of anyone but themselves. It is truly disheartening.

How about it?  Don’t we all need a break from the hustle and bustle?  If only we could slow down for a bit, there wouldn’t be so much confusion going on.  The demands of this world are too high.  This has rubbed off on us to the point that we sometimes expect more from others, and others from us, than what is practical.  The schools are more demanding wanting more from our children, the students.  Kids nowadays have to learn things at such a younger age than they used to.  They are expected to even learn some Algebra while still in grammar school.   In school our kids are encouraged to act more like adults and less like kids, robbing them of their childhood.

Between our jobs and family life, the pressures and stresses can sometimes seem to be too much.  It would be beneficial for us to take a moment to regroup when we get overwhelmed.  Practice breathing in and out deeply.  This releases a chemical in the brain called Dopamine that helps us to deal with stressful situations and to handle them more calmly.  While at work, if going to the bathroom is the only way, then go and sit down in one of the stalls and practice deep breathing for a couple of minutes until you can get it together.  When dealing with your kids, especially after a day at work, do the same thing and go to the bathroom if need be and practice deep breathing until the stress leaves your body. Then, you are good to go for a little while longer.

The world is just moving too fast to keep up, though we do try.  Going out into public to shop, or running our daily errands can be a job in and of itself.  People rush here and there and cut line.  No one seems to have a smile on their face and no one thinks of the other person. It regretfully has come to this. It is everyone for themselves.

People are out here trying to make a living for their families and it isn’t made easy on anyone.  We all want a brighter future for our children and work hard to achieve that.  Each day life gets harder and the wonder is that if we are just scraping by with all our efforts, how hard is it going to be for our children when they reach adulthood?  The demands are increasing all the time, demanding more knowledge, more experience, more work time, more time away from family. Things are costing more, consistently draining pockets bit by bit.  We must remember in the chaos of it all, to take a minute or two to clear our minds, take a deep breath, and let the stress roll off our bodies.  This will help the days go smoother and assist in dealing with the high demands that we face each day.  We are only humans and not robots, so let’s take a break!

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