Thoughts on questioning self existence.

At some point in life almost all people question their existence in life. Thoughts pass through one’s mind thinking that they are the only person in this world and that this whole life is something beyond thought. I am asking for whoever reads this content to do what their elementary school teachers told them to do, which is “think outside the box”. I do not want to be political and question religions and/or take side with science. I’m simply wondering how anyone knows the reason we exist as the human race besides belief. There are many different religious beliefs, scientific beliefs, and I’m sure there are many other opinions occurring in minds out there. I have thought many times while standing in my shower (which is where I think the most), “what is life?”. That is simply the question I will never receive an answer for.

As a child I always would make scenarios up in my head. That is what I had then, my imagination. I would think about what if life was just a game show where everything that I did was being watched by people of another world. Everything I did, saw, heard, and thought was known by the game show host and all the people watching. It was all a test and this thing called life was an alternate reality. It’s like those movies where people wake up at the end and all of it was a dream. I know have grown older to the age of 17 now but I still sometimes wonder what my purpose on this planet is and if everything is just here as a test for me. In a weird way I guess you could say I’m asking if this world revolves around me but sometimes I’m just questioning the world itself.

You may be saying to yourself, “this kid is smoking something or he’s just plain crazy.” But you must also say to yourself, “what is life?”. If you were offended by this article that was not my purpose for writing and I am sorry you have taken it that way. I just wanted to put that question in the void and see if I’m the only one to question my existence or the lives of others. Just remember, life could just be a game show so live it up and who knows, you might just win the grand prize.

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