How a used medicine pill container can help you if you accidentally lock the front door key in the house.

Have you ever left your house, pulled the front door shut and found that you have left the front door key inside? This can be very inconvenient. Especially at night. What if there is not a spare key nearby? You may have wanted to give a spare key to your neighbor but never got round to it.

Here is a simple solution.

Get a small watertight container (a used pill box with a lid will do) and some insulation tape. Have some household oil handy. Then, cover a spare key with oil and put it in the container. Screw down the lid. Put tape around the place where the lid joins the container to make sure it is watertight. Now bury the container under a stone in the garden.

The next time you lock your front door key inside the house you can solve the problem in minutes by digging up the spare key. Problem solved.

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  • Dexter on Dec 18, 2012

    This is very interesting. I didn’t know that I could unlock my doors in Chicago with an empty pill container. Thanks for posting.

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