Do you miss someone terribly you want to strangle yourself? Read through this article and you have a fellow-sufferer but one whose shoulder you can cry on. We have not reached the dead end yet.

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We were all born alone, and we brought nothing into this world. It is certain that when we die, we carry no one or nothing to the grave. How come we pine for company when we can be alone? One is always one and alone. Our greatest gifts from God are our birth and this world which is our paradise to live in, not our space  for loneliness and  despair. 

Loneliness and despair are not soft words. They are a titanic struggle, at times merciless and tearing,  the  tyranny of being alive.  But we  don’t  have to feel threatened. We have to take each day at a time,  not to take ourselves in big doses. Grief is something that cannot be shared but it can be handled. We have our own emotional  vessels  to fill, and it is only we ourselves that can fill  them  with the holy water of love so  that they spill over for others to drink and enjoy. To love stupidly, to famish for love when the other person has changed his mind is  to be with a person’s  worst enemy: loneliness and despair.  Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

Just being there for the other person or for the next one would be wondrous and exciting. That could be the stuff out of which fairy tales are made. But there’s someone more wonderful and exciting than the other person, YOU, THE BEAUTIFUL SELF, the only one that can either build the dream or destroy it, the  human being that is capable of loving  beyond  the dream  side by side with loneliness and despair.

According to Mother Teresa, “Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty.” This is only one side of the coin. Loneliness and  being unwanted may  be a  perpetual wound and the most terrible poverty  but it  can be the most enriching element of life. Two persons who have stopped caring for or  ceased loving each other have the opportunity to unfold, to respect  decision and  to help enrich each other when love is gone.  Loneliness  is nothing else but a revelation, a change,  and change is  ”Nature’s delight”. Change is the  transition  of a seed into a flower. The most that  a person can do is to try to outlive loneliness and despair, to MOVE ON from the realm of the impossible to the realm of the possible.  

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  • neopisiva on Aug 9, 2011

    Mother Theresa was a wise woman…I could not agree more…loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted are the most terrible poverty we can encounter.

  • Socorro Lawas on Aug 25, 2011

    I’m a lonely person myself , the reason why I wrote this article, but I’m not in a hurry to join the elements.

  • Socorro Lawas on Sep 21, 2011

    Loneliness and despair– all in the mind.

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