Our human heart, our dream, our hope, our pleasure, happiness, beauty dreams – all held in love?

  Everyone wants to be happy, life should be a place of bliss – that’s what every man prays for.

  Beauty is in everything we see; nature, structures – but with it comes depression, sorrow, hatred. We begin to wonder as men, how such unhappiness begins to grow in us. We have hope – such hope that we cannot see, things we can’t explain, our basis is on faith.

   Love grows everywhere – by this statement I’m sure my reader will understand that love and life begins from our heart. The hope we try to build is something that grows within us.But then, the big question is does everything we hope for hinge on love?.

  To begin to explain is to try to explain the invisible. Our experience as individuals will help us understand that the dreams that we hope for, for a brighter future, a happily ever after, does not really breed from love, considering the world we find ourselves.

  We have religion, and we try to build our hope through faith in God. But through all of this, how many have love?, how many truly care, does life ever stop having bitter stories?, do people ever stop having selfish interest, can the hope we try to hold dear never fail?, will believing in God be good enough?, do people who believe in God truly show love, how many look at the poor, how many people have compassion?. This world is large, an island in an endless sea – should everyman stand for himself?.

  I ask myself so many questions, considering the fact that no one can really be selfless – enough to show the love that you expect them to show. I really begin to wonder why – looking clearly at the experience which I’ve had; or is life full of too much stress or so much complication and distractions to enable others notice the needs of the important people to them – selflessness – does that not define being good to people you don’t even know?.

  I love to see myself write – I’d like to know that people read my publications, I’d really appreciate if someone hit a like or left a comment – but people don’t care about the feeling of the writer, they don’t care about the person next to them.

  Pride and struggle has taken over the human instinct and people never seem to understand the true essence for a greater and better tomorrow. we should have hope and keep it alive. It begins with you.

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